Sexual Addiction Summary

Sexual Addiction – Breaking It Down…

Addictive Behavior of Sexual Addiction

Multiple adultery – Illicit relationships – Sex with self (masturbation) –

Sexual Fantasy – Pornography – Promiscuity – Internet Chat Rooms – Phone

sex – Exhibitionist – Exotic dancing – Serve as an escort/prostitution –

Swapping (couples) – Intentional provocative dress – Sexual

encounters/Sexual relationships with women – Secret double life – High-risk

situations – Predator

Characteristics that Fuel Sexual Addiction

Lust – Being lusted after – Control, power over others – Rebelliousness –

Selfishness – Extreme justification – Blame game – Resentful – Revengeful –

Self centered – Self-destructive – Pride – Jealousy – Female competition –

Non-committal in relationships – Isolation

Core issues of Sexual Addiction

The need to be nurtured – Fear of Intimacy – False Intimacy – Lack of self

worth – The need to be in control – Rage – Self hate – Escape – Loneliness –

Shame – Inability to make commitments – Spiritual bankruptcy


Sexual abuse

Emotional abuse

Verbal abuse

Physical abuse

Abandonment   (for  more click here)

Celebrate Recovery

2004-08-21 Sex Breakdown-1

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