COSA definition

 Co-Addicted Women in a Relationship

with Sexually Addicted Men

The term co-addict refers to codependent behaviors. In essence, co-addicts are addicted to their spouse’s or significant other’s behaviors. We either give in to them or try to control them or make them stop. All books and materials refer to the spouse of a sex addict as a “co-addict”. As co-addicts we recognize that we need the recovery process to heal ourselves and grow in our relationship with God.

Co-addicts may share the following experiences-

Having a spouse who has continually called “900” sex numbers

Having a spouse who is currently having or has had an affair

They, themselves, are having an affair

Issues dealing with molestation and abuse from spouse

Their spouse having homosexual affairs

Their spouse watching adult sex videos and buying pornography (magazines)

Their spouse having sex with prostitutes

Through a Christ-centered recovery group, the Co-addict can achieve the following:

Allow the co-addict to hear the struggles of other co-addicts.

Learn healthy, Christian values for family roles and rules.

Gain information about healthy sexuality and relationships

Break through denial and other family patterns

Encouragement from the group to find peace, strength and grace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Build healthy relationships by finding love and acceptance in a “safe” place to share

(for more information about the problem and solution click here)

Celebrate Recovery Revised 2005-05-06 COSA Describe-1

Please Share your experience, strength and hope (identity will remain anonymous)

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