Types of Meetings

Types of Meetings and Activities

Our goal at Celebrate Recovery is to provide a safe place
for people to work their own recovery, not to force people beyond what they are
comfortable with. Obviously we get more out of something if we put more into
it, but recovery works best when we decide for ourselves that we need it. Celebrate
runs year round and includes various activities almost every week.
You choose which activities meet your lifestyle and recovery needs.

  If you are new  to Celebrate Recovery and want a bit more  we invite you to our Large group meeting on Wednesday evening to  find out what it is all about and have your questions answered.  and:   Click here to view the Newcomer’s Video.

Group Distinctions

What are the Distinctive Characteristics of the Various “Groups”?

Celebrate Recovery meets every, 52 weeks a year. The Large Group and Open Share Groups meet together one night each week    The Step Study Groups meet at another time of the week to work through the Participant Guides curriculum.

Large Group

• All Recovery Issues meet together
• All Genders meet together
• Meets 52 weeks a year
• 1 Hour Meeting
• Information and Resource Table
• Worship with Music & Prayer
• Reading: The 8 Principles or The 12 Steps & their Biblical comparisons
• Announcements
• Teaching/Testimony/Special Guest Speaker
• No Opportunity to Share
• Close with The Serenity Prayer
• Dismiss Large Group to Open Share Groups

Open Share Groups

Recovery Issues meet separately
• Gender-Based Groups
• Meet 52 weeks a year
•  ½ to 1 Hour Meetings
• Funnel to Step Study Groups
• Small Group Guidelines apply
• Leader’s Focus Question
• Opportunity for Sharing
• Acknowledge Sobriety with Sobriety Chips
• Find a Sponsor
• Meet Accountability Partners
• Meetings open to Newcomers

Step Study Group

• Recovery Issues may meet separately
• Gender-Based Groups
• 2 Hour Meeting
• Participant’s Guides (curriculum)
Small Group Guidelines apply
• Opportunity for Sharing
• Build Accountability Teams
• Find a Sponsor & Accountability Partners
• Meeting closed by Step 4
• Completion of the 12 Steps (6 months-1 year)
• Leaders required to attend training prior to starting a Step Study Group

In order to gain the full benefits of Celebrate Recovery, participants are encouraged to attend the Large Group night, Open Share Groups and a Step Study Group. The goal is personal recovery and growth in our relationship with Jesus Christ – becoming more like Christ.

The Large Group includes worship, music, singing, prayer, scripture reading, teaching and personal testimonies that combine to build us up and provide hope. And then there is the critical component of fellowship that the Large Group night provides.

Open Share Groups address recovery-specific issues and solutions, while Step Study Groups provide an opportunity to thoroughly work the 12 Steps in a small group Bible study setting, as compared to trying to do it all by yourself.

Newcomers are encouraged to take responsibility for their own recovery by establishing an Accountability Team comprised of a Sponsor, who provides one-on-one care, and Accountability Partners, who team up to provide accountability and healthy relationships.

While we encourage and challenge the newcomer to attend both the Large Group night and a Step Study Group, we do not make it a requirement. CR participation is always voluntary. CR Leaders who are leading Step Study Groups are active in their own recovery  not only to serve as an example, but to continue to grow in their own personal recoveries.  (for more click here)


Please Share your experience, strength and hope (identity will remain anonymous)

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